R4 SDHC R4 DS Card 

Nowadays, R4 3DS cards are prominent things that almost every Nintendo 3DS owner has. This is because the R4 3DS cards give an additional set of functionalities for the said portable game console.
But, before R4 3DS cards were prominent, there was the R4 DS cards. The R4 DS cards, as the name implies, is much like the R4 3DS cards; the difference being that R4 DS cards are used for the Nintendo DS portable game consoles.
Today, I want to talk about the R4 SDHC R4 DS Card. This is one of the most popular R4 DS cards on the market. If you want to know why this was one of the most popular R4 DS cards during its prime, here are the features that made it prominent:
Built-in PassMe (NO need for any boot cart/passcard etc.)
Uses micro SD memory card (Trans Flash) as storage.
Boot clean dump images (downloadable from the internet)
Very simple to use: drag and drop files to the microSD card and play
Standard FAT system support
Supports different speeds of micro SD cards
Supports HC memory cards
Upgradable Firmware (OS / Bios / Kernel)
Touch screen control and robust skinning support
No battery needed, back up the save file directly into the micro SD card
Auto detects the save type and automatically generate save file
Homebrew support, IO lib available on launch
Supports WiFi, DS rumble pack and DS browser.
The R4 SDHC R4 DS Card is one of the most affordable R4 DS cards back in the day. I want to talk about this card because a lot of people are still using Nintendo DS portable game consoles and that this card is still available on the market (with an even more affordable price).
The R4 SDHC R4 DS Card is never short on features. It’s got an amazing processor with a power-saving design that makes sure that you get every ounce of battery power from your Nintendo DS.
Furthermore, the R4 SDHC R4 DS Card comes with a region-free gaming feature which allows you to play games no matter which region your downloaded games are.
This R4 DS card also supports various homebrew applications that are available for the Nintendo DS.
What’s more, the R4 DS Card also supports Download Play. The Download Play is a feature that is already present in the original Nintendo firmware right off the bat.
A lot of people are asking if when using R4 DS cards, that the feature will still be intact. When you’re using the R4 SDHC R4 DS Card, it does support Download Play so your friends can play the game you play even when that particular game is not present in their Nintendo DS.
It also has an amazingly user-friendly interface which you tweak to your preferences. You can change the icons, wallpaper, and the overall look and feel of the R4 DS card’s layout.
If you have a Nintendo DS, then you must try the R4 SDHC R4 DS Card. It has a lot of amazing features and it only costs $8.