Mario Party 10 Game for the Nintendo Wii U

Super Mario is one of the main staples of Nintendo’s games. There are sure to be Super Mario games released every year or two.

Unfortunately, Super Mario might be a little bit dated. What I mean by this is that some of the new content are just recycled old content.

That is how I feel about the Mario Party 10 Game for the Nintendo Wii U. Mario Party 10 is similar to that of other Mario Party games, albeit does have better graphics than its predecessors.

The game still has the same board mechanics featured in previous installments of the franchise.

You will still control four characters; you against 3 other competitors. These competitors will either be the CPU AI or 3 other characters (because that’s the beauty of the Nintendo Wii U).

There are three parties that can participate in the game: Mario’s party, Bowser’s party, and Amiibo’s party.

If you play Mario’s party, you will still have the same looking board used in the previous installment. The party will also have the same game mechanic where you and the three other members go through the board in a car.

If you roll the dice and all of the numbers are hit during one gaming session, Bowser will come and take all of your mini-stars. The good news is that he will only take all of the mini-stars of the player who has freed him.

Next, if you play with Bowser’s party, you will still be able to play as Mario or other characters but there will be a fifth player to play as Bowser.

You will still play the game as usual but the difference is that Bowser is just going to be behind you. If Bowser catches up with you, there will be a mini-game that will commence.

This mini-game puts you in one of Bowser’s dungeons where Bowser can control different traps to deter your movement.

You, as the main player, will have to dodge a lot of traps as possible and avoid any damage. The mini-game will only be stopped if at least one of the players will have all of their lives intact.

Lastly, if you’re going to be playing with the Amiibo party, the board will be patterned on Player 1’s Amiibo of choice.

If you’ve won an Amiibo, you will be placed on a 3D board. If you’ve got no Amiibo, then you will be presented on a 2D board. The Amiibo party will have the same game mechanics as the Mario party with the exception that you’re not going to be in a car while you’re cruising the board.

To put it bluntly, the Mario Party 10 Game for the Nintendo Wii U is a little bit bad. This is because it is basically the same as its predecessors, albeit has better graphics.

Still, if you want to play with Mario and his gang, the Mario Party 10 Game for the Nintendo Wii U is still a fun game. Just don’t expect too much from it.